New Destiny Assembly Of God

"Encouraging Faith, Offering Hope, Revealing Love"


Welcome to New Destiny

     There is an excitement with every single person that walks through these doors. Whether you’ve attended for years or this is your first Sunday, you are part of something special by being here.  The amazing thing is that it is special because you’re here. 

​     God has a BIG plan for New Destiny.   The Church is made up of many people with individual journeys coming together and contributing to an incredible trek on our way to heaven.  This is a place where you can grow in Christ, Live out His Dream in your life, Spread your Spiritual Wings, and find relationships that will literally last forever.   Our Goal is to Encourage your faith, Offer you hope, and Reveal Gods love in your world. I look forward to spending time with you and watching the incredible work of the Holy Spirit  in our Lives.

Pastor Mikey and Family.

Love Sunday Nights

James Wednesday

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